Help Your House Sell Faster with a Custom Real Estate Sign

Five Ways Custom Real Estate Signs Help You Sell Your House Faster

One of the first things you do when you decide to sell your house is plant a sign on your front lawn. That sign can help you sell your house faster — or it can put your house on a “maybe” list that buyers might check out later. If you’re trying to sell your home, check out these five things you should do to make your custom real estate sign is one that makes people stop and take a look.

Check Your Local Signage Laws and Regulations

Some cities and towns have specific regulations regarding the size and location of signs on public and private property. Before you design and order your house for sale signs, make sure you know what’s permitted in your town. The last thing you want is to waste money on a sign you can’t display.

Go Professional

Yes, you can save yourself some money by printing your own for sale sign, but is that really the image you want to present? Remember, your For Sale or For Rent sign will often be the first thing a prospective buyer sees. There are many sign companies out there that specialize in custom outdoor signs at very affordable prices.

Choose the Right Colors

Use an attractive color combination. BuildASign, one of the largest custom sign companies in the U.S., recommends choosing at least two colors in addition to white on your sign for maximum impact. They warn, however, that you shouldn’t use red by itself, since it’s a color most people associate with warnings to stay away. Some good choices include yellow and white on black, blue, black and white, or green, blue and white.

Keep It Simple

You want to make sure you give people enough information to interest them, but you don’t want to overcrowd your sign and make it unreadable. Boil down the biggest selling points for your building to two or three short phrases, and make sure you include contact details. A good sample sign might read:

                                  For Sale By Owner

                                 – 3 Bedrooms – Professional Kitchen – Great Schools

                                 (123) 456-7890

Choose a Frame with a Rider

The frame you choose for your sign can also make a difference. Look for one that allows you to add a ‘rider’ — a smaller sign that provides additional information. That way, you can slide in a rider sign to advertise an open house or give updated details, such as ‘reduced’ or ‘Financing Available’.

Don’t underestimate the effect of your for sale sign. The right custom real estate sign can make a big difference in your sale results. Take advantage of the benefits of designing your own custom sign to help your house sell faster.

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